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Glass of Wine
Autumn 2011

Tangy Chicken Thighs

Summer 2011

Indian Spiced Rack of Lamb: with Sour cherry Gastrique and Sweet Cherry Raita

Spring 2011

Oregon Country Beef Tenderloin: rubbed with Ground Coffee, Ancho Chili and Cocoa

Winter 2011

Char Grilled Poblano Peppers: stuffed with Tumalo Farms goat cheese, golden raisins and toasted hazelnuts

Fall 2010

Individual Pizzas with Truffle Oil: with duck confit, soft farm fresh egg and baby arugula

Summer 2010

Prosciutto-Wrapped Halibut: with strawberry sauce, crumbled goat cheese and braised Swiss chard

Spring 2010

Coq au Pinot Noir

Winter 2009

Dungeness Crab Sliders: with Green Curry Mayonnaise and Apple, Fennel and Walnut Slaw