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Photo of Lisa Glickman

Why Lisa Glickman?

Some chefs are all about credentials, medals, awards and plaudits. For Lisa, it's all about family, friends and providing others with a memorable and special experience. "For me, the greatest joy is putting in all the work and then watching how others react after their first bite."

Why should you hire Lisa Glickman for your next dinner party, luncheon, family brunch or business event?
Lisa is a great cook, who is inspired by fresh ingredients, spices, methods and styles, from around the world.

Lisa is a self taught chef who learned her skills in the kitchen by working alongside executive restaurant chefs and cookbook authors during her time at Portland’s “In Good Taste” “Being able to assist these chefs in the kitchen gave me an invaluable education on preparing and executing great food”

Of course, Lisa is also inspired by fine dining! She has eaten in some of the world's great restaurants in Paris, Florence, Monte Carlo, Athens, Tokyo, New York and Napa Valley. She reads articles and cookbooks every day to keep her up to date on the latest food styles and trends. From 2009 to 2012 she was the “Home Grown Chef” for “Oregon’s 1859 Magazine” where she wrote food articles and contributed her original recipes. She now writes for “Oregon Jewish Life magazine” where she is the author of “The Cooks Corner” where you can find her recipes and articles with a bit of a “Kosher” twist. She teaches regular cooking classes at the Cascade Culinary Institute for Central Oregon Community College’s extended education program and contributes to a group of “Culinary Ambassadors” for the Culinary school as well. Recently, she was the MC for the Bite of Bend’s “Top Chef” competition where she narrated the action for the competition between some of Central Oregon’s best chefs.

There is no single dimension to Lisa's menus. She is an extremely diverse chef, who can cook great meals from around the world.