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Whats Cooking with Lisa Glickman, as seen on Good Morning Central Oregon with Kristi Miller, is a Zolo media Production for COTV on Bend Breadband channel 11 and 611.

Segment 25

"Home-made ricotta cheese"

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Segment 25

"Home-made ricotta cheese"

Segment 24

"Whole wheat pasta with zuchinni and walnuts"

Segment 23

"Baked ziti Puttanesca"

Segment 22

"Smokey ground turkey and spinach meatballs"

Segment 21

"Phyllo wrapped coconut shrimp with apricot horseradish dipping sauce"

Segment 20

"Ground Beef Strudel with pesto and pine nuts"

Segment 19

"Bananas Foster"

Segment 18

"Flash frozen Burramundi filets with melted leeks and fennel"

Segment 17

"Pan roasted Chicken Thighs with Brown butter Balsamic glaze"

Segment 16

"Spelt flour and browned butter waffles with Blueberry compote"

Segment 15

"Pork and Tomatillo Stew "

Segment 14

"Spanish Tortilla de Patata"

Segment 13

"Spicy Tequila Shrimp"

Segment 12

"Chicken Marsala"

Segment 11

"Chocolate Hazelnut souffle"

Segment 10

"Ancho Chili and Cocoa rubbed skirt steak fajitas"

Segment 9

"Rare Ahi Tuna sandwich with Spicy Asain Slaw and Wasabi Ginger Mayo"

Segment 8

"Pan fried Kasseri Cheese with Brandy and Lemon"

Segment 7

"Sauteed Broccoli Rabe"

Segment 6

"Fire Roasted Tomato Bisque"

Segment 5

"Pan Seared Scallops with Sweet Pea Puree, Pancetta and Microgreens Salad"

Segment 4

"Pan Roasted Halibut with White Wine Beurre Blanc Sauce"

Segment 3

"Classic Swiss Cheese Fondue"

Segment 2

"House-made Irish Cream"

Segment 1

"Lisa's Tasty Teriyaki Wings"